Alquimia Research Center

Alquimia Research Center is a research center deep inside Alquimia Stronghold. This somewhat obscure Lepharist facility has been rumored to conduct secret experiments with Humans, seeking to create Daevas. This is a group instance for Level 35+ Asmodians or Elyos. The entrance is in Beluslan, in Alquimia Stronghold. Cooldown is 2 hours for re-entry.

Getting to the Center can be a challenge as it is surrounded by elite mobs, with roving ranger patrols and invisible scouts. Upon entering the door, the room appears crowded with multiple patrols. Extremely careful pulls to the doorway will create some space. It is far to easy to chain- aggro resulting in a group wipe, and many groups place a kisk at the entrance.

The first key keeper, <Researcher Zoiks>, is to the left side. Clear mobs to get there to get the <Daevic Genesis Lab Key>. Clear the nearby right side mobs as well before going into the tunnel to the next area. Head down the tunnel, which has two invisible mobs, to the end.

At the intersection, check both sides for rare named NPC spawns. Continue down the center path until the next intersection. Go right, continuing to clear. Kill <Key Protector Nimue> to get the <Lepharist Sanctuary Key>. Head back to the intersection and take the left path to the Daevic Genesis Lab.

To your left you will spot the <Research Center Power Generator>, which can be destroyed by ranged dps for the quest A Spy Among the Lepharists. All dps will only hit for 1HP. The campaign will update, but the flare can be set off after finishing the instance. Check for a rare spawn in the corner test tube – <RA-121ex> who has a chance to drop level 44 green weapons.

Clear the room to the door to the core of the instance, the Lepharist Sanctuary. It is possible to sneak around the side of the mobs, although killing through the middle is another option. Work towards the end of the room. <High Priest Esras> is a straight-forward ‘tank and spank’. (Remember to set off the flare upon exiting the instance.)320110000



Titles identify achievements made by the player and augment their attributes when worn. Only one title can be worn at a time. To change a title, open the Profile window (default: <P>) and click the Title tab. Titles can be obtained by completing certain quests or awarded by title cards. Title cards can be purchased from faction merchants or awarded from event surveys.

By default, the active title is displayed under the player’s name in brackets, i.e. <Treasure Hunter>. This can be turned off in the options menu.

Below is a list of titles with the requirements and bonuses for both races.

Asmodian :

Title Bonus(es) Acquisition
<Raider Hero> HP +20
Physical Def +2
Tango campaign quest icon <Where’s Rae This Time?>
<Treasure Hunter> Accuracy +4 Tango quest icon <Black Opal>
<Mau Whisperer> Magic Boost +5 Tango quest icon <Mau in Ten Minutes a Day>
<Protector of Altgard> Crit Strike +2
Magic Boost +6
Tango campaign quest icon <Crushing the Conspiracy>
<Legendary Hunter> Parry +6
Speed +2%
Tango quest icon <Rampaging Mosbears>
<Mosbear Slayer> Evasion +2 Tango quest icon <A Friendly Wager>
<Kind> MP +20
Flight Time +1
Tango quest icon <Escaping Asmodae>
<The Cat’s Meow> Flight Speed +1%
Magic Boost +6
Tango quest icon <Bringing up Tayga>
<Postal> HP +36
MP +36
Speed +3%
Tango quest icon <[Spy] Elim of Elysea>
Title card <[Title] Elim Messenger>
<Curse Breaker> MP +34
Magic Boost +8
Tango campaign quest icon <Destroying the Curse>
<Shugo Chef> Flight Time +2
Evasion +6
Tango quest icon <A New Recipe>
<Tayga Slayer> Magic Resist +8
Evasion +8
Tango campaign quest icon <The Hand Behind the Ice Claw>
<Scourge of Mt. Musphel> Fire Resist +3
HP +32
Tango quest icon <A Quota of Creatures>
<Ginseng-Infused> HP +40
Speed +3%
Tango quest icon <Ancient Ginseng>
<Honorary Kidorun> Evasion +6
Parry +8
Flight Speed +2%
Tango quest icon <[Group] A Curse-Breaking Clue>
<Tenacious> Attack +2
Physical Def +15
Crit Strike +8
Tango quest icon <[Spy] Ingredients For Sausage>
Title card <[Title] Chamberlain of Dukar>
<Protector of Morheim> HP +40
Physical Def +15
Magic Resist +8
Tango campaign quest icon <[Group] Hold The Front Line>
<Shedim Altruist> MP +42
Magic Boost +12
Tango quest icon <A Dying Wish>
<Mosbear Nemesis> HP +40
Block +15
Tango quest icon <Father’s Revenge>
<Silver Mane Ally> Attack +2
Parry +6
Magic Boost +15
Tango quest icon <[Group] Revenge is Sweet>
<Provocateur> Atk Speed +2%
Accuracy +8
Evasion +6
Tango quest icon <[Spy/Group] Killing Mabangtah>
Title card <[Title] Krall Killing Veteran>
<Silver Mane Champion> HP +44
MP +44
Flight Time +2
Tango quest icon <[Group] Ungrateful Muhamurru>
<Snowfield Predator> Accuracy +9
Crit Strike +7
Tango quest icon <Ambitions for Success>
<Besfer’s Shield> Magic Boost +10
Magical Acc +8
Tango quest icon <Delivering Medical Supplies>
<Easy Mark> Accuracy +10
Speed +4%
Magical Acc +8
Tango campaign quest icon <The Seiren’s Treasure>
<Beluslan’s Hero> Flight Time +3
Crit Strike +8
Magic Boost +11
Tango campaign quest icon <Suppressing the Bakarma Legion>
<Loremaster> HP +40
Attack +2
Block +12
Tango quest icon <[Group] A Mysterious Book>
<Emissary> HP +57
Physical Def +20
Crit Strike +8
Tango quest icon <[Spy] Letter to a Friend>
Title card <[Title] Uneventful Elysea>
<Dark Vindicator> HP +65
Magical Acc +10
Casting Speed +2%
Tango quest icon <[Group] Essence of Fate>
<Balaur Whisperer> MP +46
Magic Resist +3
Magical Acc +3
Tango campaign quest icon <Speaking Balaur>
<Tough> HP +40 Tango quest icon <Defeat 9th Rank Elyos Soldiers>
<Battle-Hardened> HP +50
Flight Time +5
Tango quest icon <Defeat 1st Rank Elyos Soldiers>
<Born Merchant> Flight Time +3
Evasion +4
Flight Speed +2%
Tango quest icon <Trading Down>
<Shadow Marked> HP +27
MP +28
Physical Def +20
Tango campaign quest icon <The Shadow Summons>
<Wheeler-Dealer> Speed +5% Tango quest icon <Sign on the Dotted Line>
<Invincible> HP +50
Flight Time +5
Flight Speed +3%
Tango quest icon <[Group] Challenge Elyos Officers>
<Heroic> HP +60
Flight Time +5
Flight Speed +2%
Atk Speed +2%
Tango quest icon <[Group] Challenge Elyos Generals>
<Valiant> Flight Speed +3% Tango quest icon <[Alliance] Top Gatekeepers>
<Top Expert> Evasion +6
Magic Resist +6
Physical Def +10
Tango quest icon <[Top Expert] Alchemy Expert>
Tango quest icon <[Top Expert] Armorsmithing Expert>
Tango quest icon <[Top Expert] Cooking Expert>
Tango quest icon <[Top Expert] Handicrafting Expert>
Tango quest icon <[Top Expert] Tailoring Expert>
Tango quest icon <[Top Expert] Weaponsmithing Expert>
<Aetheric Master> HP +45
Attack +3
Magic Boost +12
Tango quest icon <The Templar Preceptor Test>
Tango quest icon <The Gladiator Preceptor’s Test>
Tango quest icon <The Assassin Preceptor Test>
Tango quest icon <The Ranger Preceptor Test>
Tango quest icon <The Sorcerer Preceptor’s Test>
Tango quest icon <The Spiritmaster Preceptor’s Test>
Tango quest icon <The Cleric Preceptor’s Test>
Tango quest icon <The Chanter Preceptor’s Test>
<Azphel’s Aegis> HP +100
Natural Healing +4
Tango quest icon <Intention of Lord Marchutan>
<Master of Agrif’s Rage> Speed +4%
Flight Speed +3%
Tango quest icon <[Group] The Curse of Agrif’s Rage>
<Executor> MP +57
Magic Resist +7
Magic Boost +15
Tango quest icon <Power of Love>
Title card <[Title] Factotum>
<Unyielding Pioneer> MP +28
Magical Acc +6
Tango quest icon <[Group] The Lingering Ghost>
<Protector of Brusthonin> Attack +2
Crit Strike +3
Tango quest icon <[Group] The Ikelus Manhunt>
<Spiritspeaker> HP +50
Magic Resist +10
Tango campaign quest icon <The Secret of Adma Stronghold>
<Pirate of the Carobian> Flight Time +4
Attack +2
Crit Strike +6
Tango quest icon <Captain’s Hat>
<Steel Rake Headhunter> HP +50
Crit Strike +10
Magical Acc +8
Tango quest icon <[Group] Steel Rake Slaughter>
<Fenris’s Fang> HP +80
Speed +3%
Atk Speed +2%
Casting Speed +2%
Tango quest icon <Loyalty and Affableness>
<Shedim Conquerer> HP +52
Physical Def +30
Atk Speed +2%
Tango campaign quest icon <To Face the Future>
<The Circle Leader> Crit Strike +8
Speed +5%
Crit Spell +4
Title card <[Title] The Circle Leader>
<Fixer> PVP Attack +2%
PVP Defence +2%
Title card <[Title] Fixer>
<Lesson Giver> HP Regen +3%
HP +60
MP Regen +3%
MP +60
Tango quest icon <[Group] Bring Down the Chieftain>
<Incarnation of Vengeance> Attack +2
Magic Boost +10
HP +50
Physical Def +20
Tango quest icon <Chenkiki’s Enemies>
<Hand of Support> Healing Boost +12
Magic Boost +17
HP +50
Tango quest icon <A Shulack’s Story>
<Apostle of Justice> HP +65
Accuracy +14
Magical Acc +10
Tango quest icon To Stand Against the Elyos
<Balaur Voltaire> Block +14
Physical Def +25
Emnity Boost +2%
Tango quest icon <[Group] Pieces of the Past>
<Delver of Mysteries> Evasion +7
Accuracy +14
Magical Acc +10
Magic Resist +10
Tango quest icon <[Group] Opening the Prison>
<Obstinate Herdsman> Attack +3
Magic Boost +17
Crit Strike +7
Crit Spell +4
Tango campaign quest icon <Quest for Siel’s Relics>
<Arekedil’s Hope> Flight Speed +2%
Flight Time +5
Tango quest icon A Ray of Hope
<Honored Guest> Attack +2
Accuracy +9
Crit Strike +7
Tango quest icon [Alliance] Undoing Spellweaver
<Rentus’s Savior> HP +100
Magic Resist +12
Magic Suppression + 20
Tango quest icon [Group] Drive Out the Vasharti
<Empyrean Challenger> Accuracy +6
Magical Acc +4
Tango quest icon Through the Wind and Fire
<Up-and-Comer> Accuracy +8
Magical Acc +6
Tango quest icon Halfway There
<Master of Preceptors> Accuracy +10
Magical Acc +8
Attack +1
Magic Boost +5
Tango quest icon The Student Becomes the Master
<Mighty Combatant> Accuracy +12
Magical Acc +10
Attack +2
Magic Boost +10
Tango quest icon Everything’s Bigger in Asmodae
<Crucible Champion> Accuracy +14
Magical Acc +12
Attack +3
Magic Boost +15
Tango quest icon From the Reaches of Nothingness
<Crucible Challenger> HP +30
Attack +1
Magic Boost +5
Tango quest icon <A Challenging Challenge>
<Expert Undercover> HP +70
Magic Resist +8
Magic Suppression +15
Tango quest icon Char Bombom-Boom!
<Raksha Confronter> HP +100
Physical Def +30
Block +15
Tango quest icon [Group] Raksang: the Prison of Death
<Friend of True Love> HP +70
Physical Def +20
Block +10
Tango quest icon Ring Around the Shugo
<Malodorous> MP +50
Magic Boost +12
Tango quest icon
<Sealing Force> Attack +3
Atk Speed +2%
Crit Strike +10
Tango quest icon The Protector’s Blessing
<Tiamat’s Defier> Magic Boost +17
Magical Acc +12
Casting Speed +2%
Tango quest icon Nemesis
<House Owner> HP +50
Magic Resist +6
Magic Suppression +10
Tango quest icon [Housing] Be It Ever So Humble
<Shadow Spear> Physical Atk +3
Magic Boost +17
Atk Speed +2%
Casting Speed +2%
Tango quest icon The Shadow Spear
Siel’s Fighter Atk Speed +2%
Speed +3%
Casting Speed +2%
Magic Suppression +20
Tango quest icon The Asmodian of Siel’s Spear
<Breaking up the Elyos Scout Band> HP +70
Attack +2
Magic Boost +12
Tango quest icon
Tiamat’s Challenger Crit Strike +7
Speed +4%
Crit Spell +4
Tango quest icon Alliances Undone


There are numerous ways to travel in Aion. Sometimes you’ll want to take your time from one place to another, get to know the scenery and possibly work on Quests along the way. Other times, you may find yourself in a hurry and need a quicker transportation method, such as Flight or a Transporter.

The most basic form of travel for a character is simply walking. By default, you can use Click to Move or the standard W,A,S,D keys. To toggle between walking and running using the (.) key. However, it is not possible to walk everywhere!

Some areas may only be reached by flying. Flying and gliding are much faster than walking, but not all zones allow you to fly.

Speaking to certain NPCs will allow you to Teleport, for a price, to any connecting region. Similarly, buying a Flight transportationtrip will quickly get you from one part of a region to another. You do not need to have visited your destination before, but each destination does have a minimum level requirement. Capital cities also have Teleport Statues, which work in the same way.

Every character knows the Return spell. This spell will allow you to return to your bind location from anywhere you may be, every 20 minutes. If you wish to set this spell to a different location, find any other Obelisk and pay a small fee to bind to it. You will also return to your bound Obelisk upon death.

The only way to get to the Abyss is through the Abyss Gates. Once you reach level 25 you will receive 4 Campaign Quests that must be completed before you can travel through the Abyss Gate. There are two Abyssal Gates for each Race.

Rifts are randomly occurring phenomena in Atreia that take you to enemy territory. Be prepared before entering a Rift, as you never know what awaits you on the other side.

Airships offer players a free ride from A to B. Sadly, you cannot choose where the airship goes, it will always follow a set route.

Teleport scrolls are usually faster way to travel between zones, and cheaper than paying for teleport. What’s the catch? You must buy the scroll in advance and keep it in your cube.


Rift is a one-way portal between Elyos and Asmodian zones.

Rifting mechanics have been changed multiple times. As of 4.0 rifts spawn based on fixed schedule, last for 1 hour and have no level limits.

Each rift has fixed entrance location, but 2-3 possible spawn locations for exits.

Rifts don’t spawn on Fast-Track Server.

Daily defense quests :

Daily quests for killing enemy intruders are available whenever you enter a zone with open incoming rifts.

  • Kills only count while the rifts are open.
  • Kills don’t count in alliance.
  • Pink players (10 levels lower than you) do count.

As a reward you get Ancient Crown Bundle and Elysea Defense Medal Bundle (Asmodae Defense Medal Bundle). Crown Bundle drops random crown, while Medal Bundle has level-dependent drops:

Spy quests :

Certain quests tagged as [Spy] require infiltration into enemy territory through rifts.

While rifts are open, NPC guards may randomly spawn at certain locations. Killing those guards gives <Major Ancient Crowns>and Mithril Medals.

Dimensional vortex :

3.5 update introduced dimensional vortexes — limited version of rifts to Theobomos and Brusthonin.

Curse :

Killing enemy on their territory gives character curse points. Those aren’t shown anywhere, but after getting certain amount of points player receives a Curse debuff, which significantly reduces character speed, stats, shows his location with a skull on the map for every enemy player and prevents further usage of rifts until the curse is gone. Killing low level players gives you more curse points. Debuff has no effect in disputed and home zones. Staying online in those zones is the only way to reduce your curse points and get rid of the debuff.

Running the Game

As soon as possible, bind to an obelisk, which costs kinah. This becomes the resurrection point if defeated, and is the returning location when using Return <Return>. If defeated, pay the Soul Healer at the obelisk to remove the death debuff to reduce the time it lasts.

Clicking on an NPC will select it, allowing attack. Alternately, pressing <Tab> will cycle through nearby targets. A targeted hostile NPC will be highlighted on the screen with a red circle on the ground where they are, and the name will highlight as well. Friendly NPC’s have a smaller, yellow circle at their feet.

Skills are learned from skill manuals, or acquired through use of a stigma after level 20. Skill manuals can be purchased from Trainers in various locations. The starting villages have manuals up to level 9, then the major cities of Pandaemonium and Sanctum have two areas to purchase skill manuals. Quests will guide new players to both areas as they continue to level up. Some manuals are only available as drops, but can often be purchased from the Broker.

To learn a new skill, right-click the manual in your inventory. To add it to the skill bar, press <K> and drag the skill onto the desired spot on the skill bar. Locking the skill bar will prevent accidental removal of skills.

Relocating Skills

Unlocking the bar allows players to relocate skills as desired.

Passive skills will increase certain attributes, and do not need to be on a skill bar. It is probably helpful to put the <Loot> skill on the bar.

After a battle, both HP and MP will be decreased. Natural healing and mana regeneration will increase faster if resting. Hit thecomma key to rest.

As certain quests are completed, players get a title as the reward. Each title will affect specific attributes if selected. Press

and chose the <Title> tab to see what the choices are. For a full listing of titles, and their effects.

At level 20, Daevas must complete a campaign quest that leads them to the appropriate Stigma Master. Asmodians must complete Tango campaign quest icon <No Escaping Destiny> [20], while Elyos need to do Tango campaign quest icon <A Sliver of Darkness> [20]. Completing the quest unlocks two stigma slots. Players can unlock a new slot every 10 levels, and advanced stigma slots with specific quests.

At level 20, these are the stigmas that can be used:

Class Quest Reward Stigma Purchased Stigma
Templar Stigma <Divine Fury I> 22px Holy Shield I (stigma)
Gladiator Stigma <Improved Stigma I> 22px Dual Weapon Mastery I (stigma)
Assassin Stigma <Sigil Strike I> 22px Flurry I (stigma)
Ranger Stigma <Arrow Deluge I> 22px Sleep Arrow I (stigma)
Sorcerer Stigma <Lumiel’s Wisdom I> Stigma <Curse of Roots I>
Spirit Master Stigma <Absorb Vitality I> 22px Body Root I (stigma)
Chanter Stigma <Rage Spell I> 22px Healing Conduit I (stigma)
Cleric Stigma <Grace of Empyrean Lord I> 22px Flash of Recovery I (stigma)

There are several different types of quests that will be encountered in the game. Campaign quests progress the game, but standard side quests offer kinah, items, XP and additional lore that makes the game more enjoyable. Completing quests is the fastest way to level a character. Pressing <J> will access the journal. Clicking on one of the top tabs opens that section of quests. Each will be listed by the area where it is acquired. Campaign quests have yellow markers, and standard quests are a medium blue. Key quests, which will lead to new areas or important progress points, are a different brighter blue. If there are events, those have a dark pink marker. Quests will appear on the map (click <M> to open the map).

There are a number of various chat channels to communicate with other players. Right- clicking on the tab will give the option to change the chat settings. Colors can be custom set, and can be reset to default if desired. After typing the correct command, hit <Enter> to open up the dialogue box to type the message. NOTE: Emotes can be seen by players of both factions, which can be important in hostile areas.

Chat channel Command to type Additional Information
General /s, /general Can only be seen by all nearby players. Although opposite factions will not be able to decode the language, it will appear in their chat.
Shout /y , /shout Able to be seen locally, at a greater distance than /s.
Whisper /w <character name> or /whisper <character name> Only seen by the specified character. Hit <T> to reply to a whisper. Often called PM in chats.
Group /p , /group, /party Will only be seen by group members.
Alliance /a , /force Will only be seen by alliance members.
Legion /l , /legion Will only be seen by members of same legion.
Alert /alert Will be seen by members of same group, alliance or league. Often used in fort raids to direct attacks.
League /league Will only be seen by members of the league.
Region /1 Local. Can be seen by all same faction players within the same region.
Trade /2 Local. Can be seen by all same faction players within the same region.
LFG (Looking For Group) /3 Global. Seen by all same faction players. Enforces a 30 second delay between messages.
Class /4 Can only be seen by players of the same class.



Areas where there are no rifts have more than one channel, and can be helpful to find groups or friends. Moving to a less crowded channel when killing quest mobs, for example, can be advantageous. To change channels, open the Menu (default: <F10>) and chose Change Channel from the Go to Channel sub-menu. A dialog box will open, chose the desired channel and click OK.

With the 3.1 Update, a new Fast-Track Server was added which offers a 100% XP boost up to level 50. This is accessible to characters from all existing servers, so that they can play together and receive benefits that help them level up quicker.

  • Only characters up to level 50 can use the Fast-Track Server.
  • The zones available are IshalgenAltgardMorheim, and Beluslan in Asmodae, and PoetaVerteronEltnen, and Heiron inElysea. Additionally, you can only transfer to the Fast-Track Server from these zones.
  • Most instances in these zones are available, except Dark Poeta.
  • Go to <Menu> -> <Go to Channel> -> <Go to Fast-Track Server> to transfer to the new server.
  • Once on the Fast-Track Server, you can transfer back at any time to your original server by selecting <Menu> -> <Go to Channel> -> <Go to Standard Server>.

If a quest requires a specific NPC or location, type /where [name] to locate it. Another option is to open the quest, and click the <Locate> button and it will display as an <X> on your map.

Another alternative is to open the map (open the map with the <M> key ) and chose the <Quest> tab on the upper left corner. Highlighting a quest will change to the region map and show a grey circle on the area needed for the quest. However, this will not work for some quests, particularly those within an instance.

Inventory or cube space, can be accessed by pressing <I>. There are many types of items which can be stored in a cube, pet,warehouse, or legion storage. The first expansion for cube space can be purchased in the first village new players visit. For more information on Cube Expansion see Cube. The Account warehouse will store items for all characters on the same server on an account.

General items can be used by all classes, unless the item specifically identifies a restriction. Soulbound items can be traded prior to equipping them, and become soulbound as soon as they are equipped. Once bound, the item cannot be traded, stored in an account or legion warehouse, or sold to anyone other than an NPC. Once bound, the item cannot be traded, stored in an account or legion warehouse, or sold to anyone other than an NPC.

Other items may have specific limitations on their descriptions. They may be unable to be traded, or stored in some cases. Some cannot be sold or cannot be disenchanted. It is always a good idea to read the item description when in a group and rolling on items. Most groups use the “class appropriate” rule to determine who should roll on items.

You can display items in your inventory in chat by holding Ctrl and right-clicking on the item in your inventory. This can be used to link drops or advertise to potential buyers!

Class Preferred Gear Choices of Armor Choices of Weapons
Templar Plate / Sword / Shield Plate / Chain / Leather / Cloth Sword / Mace / Greatsword
Gladiator Plate/Polearm Plate / Chain / Leather / Cloth Dagger / Sword / Mace / Greatsword / Polearm / Bow
Assassin Leather / Dagger Leather / Cloth Dagger / Sword / Bow
Ranger Leather / Bow Leather / Cloth Bow / Dagger / Sword
Sorcerer Cloth / Orb Cloth Orb / Spellbook
Spiritmaster Cloth / Spellbook Cloth Orb / Spellbook
Chanter Chain / Staff Chain / Cloth / Leather Mace / Staff
Cleric Chain / Mace / Shield Chain / Cloth / Leather Mace / Staff

After completing the ascension quest at level 9, you are sent to the capital to receive your wings. You will become a Daeva and gain the power of flight.

Once you have your wings they will play a key role while adventuring Atreia. You can travel faster, reach certain locations that are only available by flight,Extract Aether, and partake in aerial combat.

The ability to fly relies on Aether, and because of this in some areas you cannot fly. These areas are known as no-fly zones, however you are still able to glide in those areas.

The first areas you’re able to fly in are Altgard Fortress (Asmodian) and Verteron Citadel (Elyos).

The flight meter shows how much flight time you have left before your wings grow tired and you must rest. The base flying time is limited to 1 minute, but you are able to extend that time with certain equipment, titles and items.

If time runs out before you touch ground, you will begin to fall and can suffer damage or evendeath upon impact.

When in flight, your Mini-Map will display either blue or red wings, depending on your height. Blue wings mean you are at a safe height although you may suffer some damage if you fall. Red signals that you have reached a height that will result in certain death should you fall.

The Flight meter will appear green while the Glide meter will appear yellow.

The basic default keys on how to fly. Once off the ground, movement can be governed in the same manner that it is on the ground, by using the W, A, S, D keys and by pointing your mouse while right-clicking.

Key Description
Page up Activate wings
Page down Remove wings
R Rise vertically
F Descend vertically
Scroll lock Locks your altitude
Space Bar Enable/disable gliding
W,A,S,D Movement
Mouse Movement with the right mouse button


As you progress in the game you will be able to change the appearance of your wings by equipping Wing items.

Wing Feathers are relatively expensive and the lowest level feather is 30. Wing Feathers change the appearance of your wings and improve your flight time. These items can be equipped and removed like any other armor or accessory and add additional flight time.


Attributes, or Stats are the basic building blocks for a character’s combat ability. The two inherent stats are HP and MP. Once ascended, Daevas accumulate Divine Points (DP). To view a character’s attributes open the Profile panel (default P). Base attributes will always appear in the top section with other attributes below. Use the arrow key to scroll through the rest of the attributes.

There are 8 base class attributes. When a character is created, they are assigned based on the class. At level 10, when the character ascends, the base attributes are adjusted depending on the final class chosen.

Attribute 1

Hit Points (HP) are the numerical value representing the amount of damage a playeror NPC can take before their demise. When a player’s HP reaches 0, they die.

Mana Points (MP) are the numerical value representing the amount of magical power a player has available. If not enough points are available, skills and spells will not activate.

Power defines a character’s base physical strength and affects physical damage inflicted on enemies during combat. Consider this to be your attack power.

Health defines a character’s base hit points and hit point recovery or Natural Healing.

Agility defines a character’s base ability to evade, dodge, parry or block enemy attacks. Players still take damage from blocked and parried attacks; however, the damage is reduced.

Accuracy defines a character’s base ability to land an attack and chance to critically hit an opponent while in combat.

Knowledge affects spell damage and Magical Accuracy.

Will defines a character’s basic mana points and mana point recovery or Natural Mana Treatment.

Offensive attributes affect a character’s ability to inflict damage on an opponent.

Attribute 3

Attack is an attribute that modifies physical damage done by weapons and abilities. This is different from Power in that it’s the actual weapon damage. Enhancing a sword for example will raise its base attack values.

Accuracy on the current equipped weapon will add onto the player’s base accuracy. Some weapons are naturally more accurate than others, namely daggers and swords.

Crit Strike is your chance to critically hit an opponent with a weapon, increasing the amount of damage. Some weapons have a really high crit but generally lower damage – for example, maces hit harder than swords, but swords crit more.

Atk Speed affects the speed at which a character attacks with their equipped weapon. Higher attack speed will increase the damage per second (DPS) their character inflicts.

Attribute 2

Magic Boost affects the character’s ability to inflict damage with magical attacks and spells. Higher Magic Boost increases spell damage.

Magic Acc affects a character’s ability to hit targets with magical attacks and spells. Higher magical accuracy will ensure a spell lands on the target.

Crit Spell affects a character’s ability to inflict critical damage with magical attacks and spells.

Cast Speed affects the speed at which a character casts spells. With a higher speed, spells take less time to cast, therefore increasing DPS. This attribute will not appear in your stats.

Healing Boost affects the healing ability of a character’s healing spells, increasing the amount of healing.

Enmity Boost (not displayed in profile) affects the amount of Enmity a character generates with their attacks, spells, healing, and effects. This can be a (+) boost increasing enmity, or a (-) boost to decrease it.

There are attributes that generally decrease the damage taken, or increase the chance to completely avoid damage.

Attribute 4

Physical Def is a character’s ability to mitigate melee and ranged physical damage. The higher this value the less damage taken when hit with physical attacks. Armorchoice and its physical defense stat is important in Aion when it comes to PvP andPvE. Plate armor provides much more protection and physical defense than chain armor which in turn provides a great deal more than cloth armor.

Block is your character’s ability to block and reduce damage from attacks. Blocking an attack requires that you have a shield equipped. Depending on the attributes of the shield, you will see various levels of damage reduction. Some shields are geared more toward Clerics and such with +MP or Concentration, and very little block/defense.

Parry is your character’s ability to defend itself with weapons. When a parry is made your character will still take damage but it will be at a reduced percentage. Anyone can parry and even the Chanter class has very high parry that helps to activate certain skills.

Evasion is your character’s ability to dodge attacks. Evading an attack is the only way your character can completely avoid damage from a physical attack other than a magic shield. However, spells and ranged attacks can sometimes miss you, but that is based on the character or NPC’s Magical Accuracy rather than your Evasion.

Strike Resist is the ability to to resist being struck with a critical hit from a physical attack, resulting in normal damage instead.

Magic Resist is your ability to resist incoming spells. This attribute gives you the chance to avoid damage spells and debuff spells. This is also the only attribute that affects spells in this way. There are four different types of Magical Resistance. Fire,WindWater and Earth Resist lower the damage taken when struck by the corresponding elemental based spells.

Spell Resist affects a character’s ability to resist being struck with a critical hit from a magical attack.

Spell Fortitude is the ability to decrease damage inflicted by critical hits from magical attacks.

Concentration (not displayed in profile) is your character’s ability to avoid interruption while casting spells.

Movement attributes affect how quickly a character can run, or fly. There are a number of ways to temporarily increase speed and flight speed.

Speed is the rate at which your character moves throughout the world while running.

Flight Speed affects the speed at which a character moves while flying. This attribute is shown in stats during flight as the Speed stat.

Flight Time (not displayed in profile) affects the duration a player can sustain Flightor Gliding. Prior to the 2.7 patch, players could highlight their flight meter to see theirmaximum flight time. Players now see a box with their current flight time as well as flight controls. Hovering over a group member in the current party still shows their maximum flight time, but not your own.